B2B-Export FAQCategory: Import to Russia and globallyCan I get free consultation about exporting my products and their success on global market?
B2B-Export asked 2 years ago

Your personal Customer Care manager is always happy to ensure you have the best experience while using B2B-Export.com.

If you want to have a personal consultation with Ekaterina Dyachenko CEO&Founder of B2B-Export.com and expert on international trade you can request it here:

It costs $119 and covers questions relevant to your business and your product:

  • How to choose the right market for your business: get a list of countries where your product has potential to be sold:
  • How to overcome export fears and make the first step: together with a consultant create a roadmap to start your sales on international markets
  • Financial security: master a few simple tools that will help you not to lose money and only trade with reliable partners.

Request your personal consultation here: vr@b2b-export.com

  • 29.10.2019