B2B-Export FAQCategory: Import to Russia and globallyHow B2B-Export saves my money?
B2B-Export asked 1 year ago

We strive to help every SME, that doesn’t have access to traditional export channels due to the high cost to start selling their goods globally, at a cheaper rate. Online export to the Russian market is cheaper, than any traditional offline channels.

These are theapproximate expenses you’ll face if you decide to searching for a buyer offline on your own:

  • USD5,000 – Fees for attendance and exhibition space at one of the industrial fairs in Russia
  • USD1,000 – Plane tickets to Russia, hotel and transportation USD150/day
  • USD110/hour – Translating services to Russian language on site
  • USD15,000 per year – Warehouse rental
  • Keeping stocks – depends on the distributor requirements

Subscription to B2B-Export.com costs is absolutely free and gives you an opportunity to show your goods not only to your potential customers in Russia, but also start marketing your goods globally with your catalog being translated into Russian, Spanish and Chinese by B2B-Export.com

  • 29.10.2019