B2B-Export FAQCategory: Registration and uploading goodsHow can I create my catalog of goods?
B2B-Export asked 2 years ago

Log in to the system with your username and password and press «My Catalog». You can add you products manually or use our «Import from a file» option to upload big number of SKUs.

Press «Add manually» to create you product card and follow the instructions. If you already have translation of your product’s description you can add them by choosing the tab with the language you want to add. If not – don’t worry, we will translate them automatically.

Please see the short video instruction on how to add product manually:

If you want upload thousands of goods to our platform download import file sample and additional files from the page that might help you. Adjust your existing database accordingly and upload it to the platform. If you have any questions our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.

  • 29.10.2019