B2B-Export FAQCategory: About B2B-Export.comHow does B2B-Export.com work?
B2B-Export asked 2 years ago

B2B-Export is your reliable trading partner offering any support needed to ensure your goods are succeeding in the global market and that your procurement is safe and cheap.

For any supplier interested in selling goods in Russia, B2B-Export is the single entry point, providing very low cost entry to the market, access to potential buyers and full cycle execution capabilities including marketing, negotiations, certification, custom clearance and safe payments. 

If you are  interested in sourcing from Russia we give you access to thousands of pre-selected suppliers and do ‘turnkey’ sourcing from Russia, including the best price negotiation (up to 40% down from initial quote), pre-export verification, FOB and CIF delivery, as well as payment clearance and customs.

  • 28.10.2019