B2B-Export FAQCategory: Import to Russia and globallyIs the Russian Market restricted?
B2B-Export asked 2 years ago

The Russian Market is not restricted. Most of the restrictions applicable in the European Union are not applicable in Russia.

 Companies producing food require approval and certification from their respective country’s ministry of Agriculture and B2B-Export will be happy to assist you in that when you get an order for your products.

Russian custom duties on most categories of products are the lowest among the developed countries such as US, Canada and EU. Not a single one of them is higher than 10%

a) General machinery attracts an average duty of 1.5 – 10%

b) The rest of the categories are not over 3%

 Tariff rates applied by Russia in sectors related to food (agriculture andanimal products) may be considered as high for the products, producedlocally and just 1-3% on food of tropical nature

  • 28.10.2019